A company of U.S. and British forces invaded southern Syria on Sunday in an desperate attempt to support the new ISIS headquarters in Deir-ez Zour.

The hostile coalition forces have no permission to enter Syria, but the occupation troops entered from Jordan anyways to form a new bridgehead along the Euphrates River, located near Syria’s most important oil- and gas fields in order to cut off the Syrian Arab Army defending Syria’s sovereignty.

The U.S.-led coalition forces are heading for the Hamimah area located 90 km east of Palmyra. The military invasion is yet another war crimes committed by the Western war monger assassins in order to annex Syrian properties for economic gain.

ISIS has been driven out of Raqqa, forcing them to regroup in Deir ez-Zour and assist American commando’s in the area. The U.S. army has also invaded northern Syria from NATO ally Turkey in an attempt sabotage or retake Raqqa from the Assad’s liberation forces.

AMN / AA Magnum News 2017.


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