The U.S. Navy Stennis Carrier Strike Group completed ‘routine’ operations in the South China Sea for 5 days and then transited to into the Philippine Sea to exit the ‘disputed’ region, through the Luzon Strait.

Warships of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army remained in the vicinity of the strike group, before its warships exited the disputed waters. The U.S. strike group roaming the Pacific, include the aircraft carrier USS Stennis, guided missile cruiser USS Mobile Bay and three guided missile destroyers.

The U.S. warships stayed well out of reach of the Spratley and Paracel islands to avoid being detected by Chinese HQ-9 surface-to-air missiles deployed and positioned to Woody island.

U.S. officials have described the militarization of the region against international policy and confirmed the U.S. military mission was not linked to rising tensions in the South China Sea. / AA edited News 2016.


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