According to the US military command center in Iraq, American forces were involved in a raid to set up check points between the Syrian occupied cities of Raqqa and Deir el-Zour.

The American commandos were dropped off by helicopters and invaded Syrian territory without permission from the UN Security Council or the Syrian government in Damascus. Together with ISIS, the U.S. covert special military forces annexed large parts of the Arab country in order to occupy and control the Euphrates River flow.

After poisoning the Damascus water supply, the military strategy is aimed to starve the Syrian people to death. Taking away the water resources to hinder the agricultural development in Syria, the U.S.-led coalition continues to commit war crimes against humanity.

Together with covert Israeli forces, the Americans are committing genocide in an unprecedented scale. Already 500.000 people have fallen the victim due to the holocaust agenda and this looks to be just the start of another major crime against the Syrian people.

The defeat of the U.S. coalition headquarters in Aleppo has outraged the Zionist criminals so much for them to commit more war crimes in order to completely destroy Syria. ISIS has already engaged in the destruction of the six most important UNESCO heritage sites, and now the rest of the country’s archeological reputation must be wiped out.

The upcoming Astana peace talks brokered by Ankara and Moscow are in doubt after Syrian opposition groups do not want to confirm their participation. The terrorist groups operating in Syria reported that they suspend all peace talks, purposely violating the brokered cease fire agreement in Syria.

Assad questioned the credibility Syrian opposition groups backed by the West and Saudi Arabia. The U.S.-led terror coalition insists that Assad must step back and depart. This fascist style condemnation looks to be a pre-condition for any “political reforms”.

The goal of the West and Israel is to break Syria into pieces and part the luted land with evil Zionist settlers. The annexation and occupation of the Golan Heights, the Jordan River and the Sea of Galilee must be an example of what to the future roadmap must look like.

The planned peace talks in Kazakhstan and Geneva must make place for Sabotage and Terror in order to make sure Russia does not get to defend Syria from the regional “ISIS” powers already set in place.

Syria is doomed and the Armageddon of its people looks to be written in stone. The Bible texts set the tone for the agenda, for Babylonia to be the future “Greater Israel”. For this to happen and for the holocaust to be completed, the show must go on, while the mainstream media glorifies the murderous war puppets in Washington.

The UN blames the Syrian government for the bloodbath, displacing about 14 million war refugees, and points out that Damascus could have violated the laws of war.

CBS / AA Magnum News 2017.


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