Alarmed by the US-Zionist plans to redraw the borders of the Middle East, the Turkish leader, Erdogan decided to align forces with Russia and the Syrian government in an effort to prevent Washington from realizing its covert ambitions.

Turkey’s recent military deployment to its borders with Iraq and Syria is an effort to protect Turkey’s national interests and resist US plans to redraw the Middle East for the Greater Israel to be established.

On August 24, 2016, Turkey launched its “Euphrates Shield” operation in Syria, and began to deploy infantry and tanks across the border to assist the goal to wipe out ISIS.

However Turkish requests for its own military involvement in the Iraqi-led operation to liberate Mosul from ISIS have been rebuffed by the Iraqi government. The Kurdish territory of Iraq is practically under control of the U.S. and its covert military alliances, such as ISIS.

In Syria, Ankara will very soon come to an agreement with Damascus, for a joint operation to liberate Raqqa from ISIS can be expected soon, because there is no way Raqqa can be left to the Americans.

Turkey is keen to negotiate with Russia and Syria in the knowledge that only a coordination of their forces can prevent the US-Zionist project to carve up the Middle East.

The new turn of events momentarily cancelled the plans for the US to continue to launch the Greater Middle East project.

AFP / AA Magnum News 2017.


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