The Russian military planes will not be exhibited at the week-long airshow that will be held in Hampshire, the United Kingdom next year. For commercial reasons, the superior Russian technology can not be show- cased in Britain anymore.

Britain’s regulator Export Control Organization (ECO) has imposed these commercial restrictions on Russian participants of the international air show. The organizers of the event are following instructions issued by ECO, an organization that is part of the Ministry of Trade and Innovation.

Moscow’s ties with the Western nations sharply deteriorated in 2014, when Crimea reunited with Russia following the coup d’etat events in Kiev, Ukraine. In 2014 and 2016, Russia faced difficulties in participating in this exhibition. Three years ago, almost half of the Russian delegation was denied UK visas and therefore unable to enter the country.

The Farnborough Airshow is one of the largest events of a kind. The next exhibition is scheduled for July 16-22, 2018.

BBC / AA Magnum News 2017.


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