Under the cover of ‘security’, the UK has ordered its biggest military deployment in Europe since WW II. British Challenger tanks, self-propelled guns and armored vehicles are now on route to Estonia.

The military vehicles have been loaded onto a ferry in Germany and are expected to arrive @ the Baltic state next week. Since the Warsaw Pact has been resolved, NATO troops have invaded all former Soviet satellite states and taken over to occupy their positions with Western armed forces.

According to the  BBC, the UK government is aware that Russia might use ‘misinformation’, fake news and other provocations during their deployment. The first wave of British/NATO soldiers flew from Oxfordshire to the Amari airbase in Estonia. Separately the RAF has committed to station Typhoon war jets to Romania.

The UK-led Estonia battle-group is one of four NATO military deployments to eastern Europe, including Latvia, Poland and Lithuania. But also Romania, Ukraine and Bulgaria must accept hostile NATO troops “to-be-stationed” at Russia’s borders.

The annexation of all former Warsaw-Pact countries has materialized, now that NATO has invaded and occupied all of eastern Europe to surround Russia and cut it off from the rest of the European continent.

Tensions between Russia and NATO increased after the U.S. regime puppets invaded Kiev in an attempt to annex Ukraine, which resulted in the Ukraine conflict. 

BBC / AA-Magnum-News 2017.


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