While the western media is accusing Moscow of preparing to start a war against Europe, Ukraine and NATO forces are holding military naval drills in front of Russia’s coastline @ the Black Sea.

According to Romania, who is “hosting” the war games 16 warships and a dozen warplanes, along with some 2.800 troops from Ukraine, Romania, Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, Canada and the USA are taking part in the naval drill.

NATO suspended all ties with Moscow since April 2014, after Kiev was invaded by U.S. puppets to take control over the country’s riches. Ukraine is the bread basket of Europe and connects the Russian gas flow to Germany and other European countries to drive their economies.

A the moment NATO has deployed thousands of permanent troops to Russia’s borders, in an attempt to attack the powerful Russian military with nuclear weapons. Russia has previously warned that it would take unspecified measures to response to the increased hostile activities by the Western military bloc.

The coupe on Kiev in 2014, forced certain provinces to safeguard their security in order to avoid a genocide against the Russian speaking minorities living in the Donbass region, along the Russian border. The armed conflict in eastern Ukraine has soured relations between Russia and the West.

Reuters / AA Magnum News 2017.


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