The warmonger Kiev puppet regime has been ordered to target the Donetsk civilian water system in order to enhance and speed up the genocide being committed against the Russian speaking minorities living in the Donbass region.

The repercussion is supposed to deliver an answer to the fact that the Donbass coal deliveries have been put on a temporarily hold, creating problems for the Ukraine’s energy supply.

The Kiev junta has structurally ignored the Minsk II peace agreement, and regarding the energy supplies it has decided to buy more expensive European gas instead of the cheaper, more lucrative Russian option.

At the moment the Donetsk front is very restless. In the Petrovka District firefights broke out according to reports from local residents. It has also been reported that NATO supported Ukrainian troops shelled the Donetsk drinking water filtration station.

As a result, the  Donbass Water Company has confirmed the artillery rounds damaged the water filter systems. In addition, the Ukrainian Army Forces opened fire on the Mayorsk checkpoint near Gorlovka.

Ukrainian troop activity was also recorded by the Lugansk People’s Republic. Citizen reports have warned people to be careful and avoid using the Bakhmutka highway.

Fort / AA Magnum News 2017.


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