Experts warn that ‘perfect storm’ of negative factors, caused by the Kiev junta, is making it increasingly likely that the value of Ukraine’s once mighty network of pipelines will soon be turned into scrap metal.

The Kiev puppet regime has opted to head on a collision course with Russia, in order to frustrate Russian gas flowing into Europe. 

Gazprom’s future projects are now aimed @ bypassing Ukraine amid the ongoing crisis, putting Kiev’s status as a transit state in jeopardy. The Russian energy company claims up to $80 billion from Kiev @ arbitration hearings in Stockholm.

The Stockholm arbitration court is expected to make its final decision on the dispute @ the end of March 2017. Gazprom stands the better change of winning, given the solid case it has presented.

Ukrainian-based Naftogaz’s director, Vitrenko admitted that in case of a loss to Gazprom in Stockholm, the company would face bankruptcy. At the moment the Kiev is paying 20% more for European gas to support the households and their industrial complex.

Gazprom’s claim against the Kiev regime exceeds the entire budget of Ukraine. Political decisions taken by Kiev forced Naftogaz to spend $240 per thousand cubic meters for “European” gas, compared to $180 it would have paid if it had kept its contract with Gazprom. The 30% price increase will eventually destroy the country’s economy.

This development will unfortunately lead to Ukraine’s downfall. The history of Ukraine’s energy transit network will come to an end. During the Soviet period, Ukraine provided most of eastern Europe’s gas supplies, which resulted in $2 billion per year in transit fees.

After the Berlin Wall came down, Germany received 40% of its gas from Russia to support its economy, while France and Italy also depended on large cut of Russian gas to keep their economies afloat.

Sputnik / AA Magnum News 2017.


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