A couple of so-called UN human rights experts have concluded that Syrian war jets had bombed their own water supplies to leave 5.5 million people living in Damascus without drinking water.

However, the accusations confirm that ‘war crimes’ are being committed in Syria. The outside world, which invaded Syria since 2011, keeps on blaming Assad for the crimes being committed in his country. The propaganda stunt must cover the real culprits, which are the ones supporting, arming and funding the siege against Assad.

To undermine the Assad government, the Western funded institutions are ordered to commit foul play in an attempt to oust Assad from power. The commission inquiry also stated that the Syrian air force committed another war crime by bombing a complex of five schools in Haas, a village in terrorist held Idlib province.

The only party committing massive genocide in Syria are the terrorists on Western payrolls. There is no country in the world, that kills their own civilians, proving the term ‘civilians is intentionally switched with ‘terrorists’ and the other way around depending on the situation.

The Western press often confuses these terms in ‘their’ favor to create confusion in an attempt to cover the war crimes being committed by Western military trained assassins that operate in the war zones.

The BBC and CNN are well-known for their one-sided media coverage aimed at censoring the truth, to cover up the so-called ‘diplomatic’ missions established to annex the properties (oil-water-minerals) belonging to other countries. In order to do so, the West must invade, occupy and lie about the territories they confiscate.

The world is one big Jewish show, running out of steam, now Western adversaries are confronting the imperialists. One good example is Iran, which the West blames for the wars in the Middle East.

Iran has never invaded another country in its thousands years of history, while the West is well-known for raging wars wherever they please in order to satisfy the corrupted banks and oil giants that need to supply their inventories to keep their stocks rising for profit taking.

Blaming the Arab countries for the sabotage in their countries is just plain nonsense for the people who dare to use their brains. The ones following the rigged news, presented by their hostile media outlets are just brainwashed to influence their deceived and troubled Zombie minds, to back up the (now-failing) fascist NWO-agenda.

Israel recently threatened to stop funding the UN, after the institution adopted resolution-2234, forbidding Israel to continue building settlements (military strongholds) in the occupied West Bank.

BBC / AA Magnum-News 2017.


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