The US-led coalition is now destroying vital civilian infrastructure in Raqqa, after the ISIS headquarters was replaced to Deir ez-Zour. The US offensive has resulted in an escalating number of civilians deaths.

The damage to civilian infrastructure, such as hospitals, schools, markets and water infrastructure seems to be part of the Zionist plan to enforce the hostile ethnic cleansing process. The Muslin Holocaust is part of a human engineering sequence, regulated by Jewish entities that wants to claim the territory, for it to become a part of the future biblical ‘Greater Israel”.

According to Jewish beliefs, the world belongs to them and everybody else against this “evil” establishment must be wiped out, and removed off the face of the planet, including Christians. The genocidal process must be completed in order to create the future greater Israel in Mesopotamia.

That’s why there is no humanitarian support for civilians. The newly implemented ‘economic’ sanctions forced upon by the EU and USA on Syria, block medical and food aid, while western banks stopped the Syrian pharmaceutical industry in it tracks to isolate hospitals from treating the wounded victims of the cruel Zionist war.

While the military operation is in full force, Kurdish-led forces reported major advances, while transferring civilians through secured corridors from ISIS occupied areas to safe zones under Kurdish control. Some 70.000 refugees have reached safer areas in northern Syria following the battles for Raqqa and Tabqa.

The Syrian Democratic Council has tried to warn the international community, specifically Washington of the consequences of the battle for Raqqa, having asked for assistance amid a rapidly worsening humanitarian situation. None of the humanitarian and civil organizations operating within the region now secured by the SDF have contributed to the “Raqqa operation”.

Washington’s assistance to Syrian anti-government forces, has been a constant source of controversy, especially during the Raqqa offensive against Syrian liberation forces. Damascus sees any presence of US military forces in Syria as illegitimate.

The newly imposed Western sanctions against Syria were incorporated to block and sabotage humanitarian relief, in order to complete the ethnic cleansing program and create the future greater Israel. 

The hostile US air strikes are still conducted from Turkish military bases, in order to continue to sabotage the peace efforts initiated by Russia and Iran. / AA Magnum News 2017.


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