The United Nations General Assembly, has once again passed a resolution calling on Israel to withdraw from Syria’s Golan Heights, a territory that the Tel-Aviv regime has occupied since 1967.

The resolution also condemned Israel’s non-compliance to the “Security Council Resolution 497” since 1981 until now. On December 14, 1981 decided to impose its control over the occupied Golan Heights.

The UN resolution stressed that the Geneva Conventions on the protection of civilian individuals in time of war apply in the occupied Golan Heights. The Israeli regime has built dozens of illegal settlements in the area ever since, annexing the Jordan River flow and the Sea of Galilee.

The Israeli military has used the invaded and occupied territory to carry out a number of military operations against the Syrian government. The Jews mentioned in the Bible and the Jews in Israel today have no genetic relation. They abuse the Bible as a pretext to confiscate territories and enslave the people in the world today, using the WW II holocaust as another excuse for the genocide committed by the evil entities.

Israel and its Western imperialist allies are now aiding Takfiri terrorist brigades inside the Syrian Arab Republic. The Israeli regime even set up field hospitals to provide medical aid to the terrorists operating inside Syria.

The Syrian Army has repeatedly seized huge quantities of Israeli-made weapons and other advanced military equipment from the foreign backed militants groups in Syria.

Israel stole the Golan Heights because they had a spy network in Syria, that told them where the anti-aircraft guns were positioned. Cohen was later hanged in public for his dirty traitor-deeds.

Jerusalem Posting / AA Magnum News 2017. 


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