The United Nations children’s humanitarian agency said that more children were killed in Syria in 2016, than any other year since the proxy war started in 2011.

UNICEF figures only include verifiable deaths, indicating that the actual child death toll could be much higher. During the two Gulf Wars in Iraq, an estimated 500.000 children were killed in military operations. UNICEF reports that in Syria ‘only’ 652 children died during the foreign backed invasion in 2016.

The most vulnerable amongst among Syria’s children are 2.8 million in hard-to-reach areas, which have been under siege by terrorists brigades, that almost destroyed the entire Syrian infrastructure, including schools and public buildings.

About 6 million children are now relying on some sort of humanitarian aid, currently living in the war zones in Yemen, Iraq and Syria. The horrible War Crimes committed by so-called freedom fighters point out that the western media purposely censored these extreme crimes against humanity in the Middle East and North Africa.

UNICEF also reported that it has spent $1.4 billion in Syria and surrounding nations involved in the humanitarian catastrophe. 

Most of the victims in the Middle east are Muslim descendants, proving that the genocide is generally aimed at this particular group. The holocaust is still going on as western nations unanimously support the ongoing Armageddon.

This horrible agenda proves that the wars in the Middle East are aimed to support “modern human engineering methods” in order to complete the genocidal cleansing program. 

In addition, the human organ trade has flourished to provide the western societies with the much-needed human parts for the elderly to survive and live a couple of years longer. Tel-Aviv serves as the headquarters for this lucrative business.

The international propaganda media blames the Syrian president Assad for the humanitarian disaster, in order to continue the disgusting agenda and kill millions more Muslims and Christians living in the unfortunate Zionist battlefields in Africa and the Middle East.

The West (CIA & Mossad) has created ISIS to commit the crimes against humanity, in order to blame the invaded countries and their governments for the war crimes committed. Welcome to the world of deception & horror.

UNICEF / AA Magnum News 2017.


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