The US Aircraft carrier, the USS Gerald R. Ford, is expected to be commissioned in 2017, which is three years behind schedule. The newest lead ship of its class is estimated to have already cost mote than $12.8 billion.

The US defense analyst, Roger Thompson, has been critical of the US Navy, saying the aircraft carriers are a thing of the past. In addition, there is mounting evidence that the US Navy aircraft carriers are increasingly vulnerable to submarines and newest anti-ship missiles.

The Gerald R. Ford-class aircraft carriers are in serious trouble. These super carriers are over budget and behind schedule. The facts are not exaggerating if reported that half the system on board don’t work, while the pilots have a long tradition of not being well-qualified in air combat maneuvering.

The $36.3 billion American defense program is plagued by cost overruns, especially ‘large scale’ military initiatives, including the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) and the Zumwalt-class destroyer programs.

The Pentagon is censoring these facts, to ensure that ‘tax payers money’ keeps on flowing into the worthless defense programs. Technology and innovation issues have been strongly outdated compared with Russian technology. The US Navy culture has been proven to be very dysfunctional and corrupt.

Navy officers who tried to report in publications, that US aircraft carriers were destroyed in exercises are harassed and kicked out of the navy. There is too much money and too many jobs associated with the military industrial complex to so ‘easily’ get rid the outmoded type of ship.

Thompson also explained that the US Navy must maintain @least 11 aircraft carriers under the US law. No great power in the world operates this many aircraft carriers anymore. Several other Anglo-Saxon countries, like Australia and Canada eventually them up because they are not cost-effective.

Also, for example, the US Navy pilots showed extensive losses in simulated air combat exercises against Australian, British, Canadian and Israeli pilots. At the same time the American warfare has largely been sub-par to that of other countries, such as Russia, UK and China, which excel in this type of warfare. / AA Magnum News 2017.


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