US Officials have confirmed that they will ignore the international agreement for banning war planes flying over the established Syrian Safe Zones, largely because it might get in the way of their attacks on the Syrian Arab forces.

In general this appears to be the case of the USA just being deliberately difficult, as non of the safe zones are in areas US warplanes were operating in the first place. The reality is that the no fly zones are now being used in service of a cease-fire, something the Pentagon never really supported to begin with.

However, Russia announced that the safe zones are now officially closed to all war planes, including the Israeli ones. At the same time the US military keeps arming opposition forces in order to continue the destruction of Syria.

The application of double standards is nothing new for the US coalition forces, as they were never interested in peace in the Syrian conflict anyways. Syria must be teared apart for the Greater Israel to arise. Therefore the Syrian history and culture must be wiped out in order to establish this deceptive biblical blueprint.

Sabotage will remain the key name of the game. Russia must leave the area for the Zionists to implement their shady motivation at the cost of the Syrian population. The hostile invasion, annexation and occupation of Syrian lands forces the deportation of millions of indigenous habitants that have lived there for nearly 7000 years. / AA Magnum News 2017.


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