A group of 10.000 allied militants have attempted to seize the city of Hama since March 21, 2017. The terrorists managed to capture several settlements in the vicinity coming close to the city using numerical superiority.

The Syrian Army and the Russian Air Force managed to stabilize the situation, and killed 2.100 opposition fighters during the failed siege.

The counter offense involving Syrian troops continue the operation in order to flush out the evil supported bandits on Western payrolls. Saudi Arabia recruits the fighters, while Qatar pays the terrorists for their involvement.

The fighters are supported by air strikes carried out by the US coalition, including Israeli war jets that attack Syrian government positions from the south, while the US/NATO fighter jets rush in to support the ‘boots on the ground’ from the north.

The terror brigades are formed by Jabhat al-Nusra and other covert formations to oust Assad. China has started to help rebuilding the destroyed infrastructure so Syria can start selling their own oil and gas very soon again.

For now, the estimated damage inflicted by the US coalition forces to Syria stands @ $500 billion. The number of people killed ranges around 400.000 victims, while another 12 million have been deported and displaced.

Sputnik News 2017.


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