The Iraqi PM, Haider al Abadi said on Friday that there will be no more US Combat Troops in Iraq once the battle against ISIS wraps up. There are currently over 5.000 American boots on the ground in Iraq.

However, to the Americans there is a general understanding on both sides that it would be in the long-term interest of each to have the continued presence of the US military in Iraq.

In Iraq, the Americans are supporting the Iraqi military in their fight against ISIS, like how the Russians are helping Syria to get rid of the populist terror group, driving around in US armored vehicles using American ammo to take part in the ethnic cleansing program?

Nobody is sure who’s ‘favors’ ISIS exactly represents, but the Israeli’s have confirmed that they both have the same objectives in Syria. Russia has recently declared four no-fly zones in Syria. The shady US-led coalition in Syria is not happy with the decision accomplished during peace talks held in Astana, Kazakhstan.

The remarks made by the Iraqi PM, has left Washington flabbergasted, disappointed and astonished, as the arrogant regime is rapidly looking for alternative motives to keep their military forces in Iraq, after ISIS has been destroyed by the Iraqi-coalition forces and the crisis is over.

Foreign Policy Magazine / AA Magnum-News 2017.


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