The US carries out drone attacks in Yemen and several other countries in the Middle East, without permission from the United Nations Security Council, killing unarmed civilians in the genocidal engineering process.

After Saudi raids claimed 5 civilians lives in Yemen, the US military launched their own assaults that killed two people on a motorbike in the province of Bayda.

UN numbers show that the victims of the hostile Saudi-coalition project have been mainly civilians, especially women and children evaporated in schools and villages in the poorest Arab nation in the Middle East.

Yemen is located @ the Red Sea, which represents the second most important oil-shipping lane for Saudi crude oil to reach Europe and Asia. 

The other oil shipping lane is situated in the Persian Gulf, carrying the black gold through the Straight of Hormuz for export to Europe and China. The Pentagon says it carried out over 70 airstrikes in Yemen since March this year.

The drone strikes in Yemen continue alongside the Saudi military aggression against the impoverished conflict- ridden nation. Saudi Arabia has increasingly been pounding Yemen since March 2015, in an attempt to re-instate the regime of Yemen’s former president, Mansur Hadi in order to undermine the Houthi freedom fighters movement.

The Riyadh regime has, however failed to reach its goals despite going to the great expense, with help from Israel and the USA. Today Saudi fighter jets carried out 14 airstrikes against defensive military positions in the northwestern province of Sa’ada.

Saudi war jets also pounded the Kahboub area of southwestern Lahij province on four occasions, backing up the 20 US airstrikes in Yemen.

PressTV / AA Magnum News 2017.


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