The US military use phosphorous munition to bomb civilians in Raqqa, Syria, while their boots (mercenaries) on the ground shoot with radio-active depleted uranium to make sure the villagers can never return home again.

This psychopathic behavior has been going on for some time in order to annex compromised lands and add the real estate to the Greater Israel human engineering program. The ethnic cleansing operation goes on in the entire Middle East, including Yemen, Syria and Iraq.

The only country in the Middle East that has no ISIS attacks to swallow, is Israel. The ongoing holocaust against Muslims has begun at the time the Arabian Spring was announced by the mainstream media. The only country to profit from the bloodshed is Israel.

That is exactly why the Israeli do not want Russian peace keeping forces in Syria. The scam for using the American soldiers to do their dirty work, blew up in their face. Now even the Golan Heights could be compromised. An Iraqi brigade is already deployed to liberate the Syrian Golan territory, including the Jordan River and the eastern parts of the Sea of Galilee.

But first, the road from Iraq to Syria has to be cleared from ISIS, in order to replenish the special troops, before they could engage in their last mission to liberate large parts of the Middle East from Zionist occupation. The UN peacekeeping forces that defended the Golan Heights have already left the battlefield.

No guts, no glory.

AMD / AA Magnum Analyst Blog Report 2017.


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