CNN has come up with a report and tries to brew another scandal, claiming that the Russian government is allegedly arming the Taliban militants in Afghanistan, based on an interview with a break-away terrorist group in the West.

The CNN also said it obtained two videos, which show militants carrying Kalashnikov’s, sniper rifles & machine guns. The Taliban says Tajikistan is supplying them with these weapons to fight ISIS in Afghanistan.

The US media does not report that the USA is the largest arms exporter in the world, causing death and chaos in all the countries that the US defense industry is arming to topple governments in exchange for those country’s mineral assets.

Hypocrisy is the American diplomacy since WW II, while the US military causes millions of victims around the world to fulfill the hostile agenda of the US invaders across the globe.

However, most of the weapons used by the Taliban are Chinese made and available online, while Russia role in this matter is purely based on peace talks to avoid more US-NATO inflicted civil casualties among its society.

US Senator, John McCain believes Washington is losing the war in Afghanistan, because the US military uses no strategy, other than killing opponents at free will. Now they are trying to find excuses by putting the blame on others for its miserable failure in Afghanistan.

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