The Pentagon’s absurd statements ‘justifying’ mass casualties of U.S.-bombing campaigns in Iraq reveal the level of operations during the so-called liberation of Mosul.

The motives behind the attempts of the U.S.-led coalition to conceal war crimes committed by ISIS in Iraq are unclear.

Why does the U.S.-led international coalition “use their smart bombs” to carry out air strikes on civilian buildings, condemning them to a terrible death. Could this be part of the covert “human engineering plan”, that the Middle East has to experience?

The ongoing “Muslim Holocaust” has already killed millions of Arabs living in Africa and the Middle East. The migration established by the war refugees brings cheap laborers to Europe in order for the industrial sector to profit from, under the disguise of the democracy project?

It is hard to imagine that these evil networks intentionally provide the deception (and tools for airstrikes) to help ISIS massacre millions of Muslims, blaming so-called dictators of the targeted countries for the onslaught?

Day by day it becomes more obvious that what the western mainstream media reveals is part of a hoax going on to invade, annex and occupy fertile territories along the Euphrates (Raqqa) and Tigris Rivers (Mosul).

Why are the Western supported terrorists destroying the water supplies of Iraq and Syria?  Could it be that this is also part of a ‘military strategy’ in an attempt to starve the ancient civilizations, living in the lands of Babylon, to death in order to confiscate and annex their homelands to create the Greater Israel?

The only country in the Middle East enjoying the profits from the ongoing mass murders is Israel. Also it seems that the Promised Land doesn’t have any problems with the ISIS terror brigades. Are these armed death squads delivering the dirty work for Israel?

The proxy wars in Africa and Middle East are indeed favoring the Israeli politics so far as we understand. First the Israeli’s invade the Syrian Golan Heights and let’s the UN ‘peace troops’ protect the annexed territory. It’s a bloody shame, that also here the fresh water resources have been taken away from the people living in these areas.

The Israeli annexation of the Syrian Golan Heights and the Sea of Galilee happened during the 1980’s. Now the rest of the fresh water flows near Raqqa (Euphrates) and Mosul (Tigris) are doomed to support civilian cultivation and agriculture.

As long as the press keeps censoring reality and replaces it with fake news, there is not much victims living in the terrorized region can do about it. Human engineering and human (organ) trafficking have proven to be very lucrative operational businesses.

Mental Rape Saga / AA Magnum News 2017.


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