It is now clear that the unexpected counterattack that ISIS militants launched near the Deir ez-Zor and Palmyra, forcing Russia’s air group deployed in Syria to take urgent measures to repel it, that almost overran positions occupied by Syrian forces was staged by the US military and its Kurdish SDF allies along with a number of local Sunni tribes!

As for the death of Russian General Valery Asapov who was struck dead during enemy shelling at his C2 post, it’s curious that the shot that murdered this high-profile Russian officer was made with such deadly precision.

There’s no chance that one could land such a shot without access to satellite and air photos. It’s hardly a secret that the Islamic State ISIS has no access to this level of reconnaissance assets, but Washington does.

Moreover, a detachment up to 6.000 Takfiri’s could not approach Deir ez-Zor from the southeast unnoticed. Such a force would be inevitably detected by US-coalition aircraft and satellites.

However, Washington hasn’t simply assisted ISIS by concealing reports about the movements of their forces to Deir Ez-Zor, but also struck a deal with Sunni tribes ensuring that ISIS can cross their lands unreported and unopposed.

Therefore, Damascus had to urgently transfer sections of its Idlib-Khama front, including some of its best forces, to rapidly organize a defense along the strategic road between Palmyra – Deir ez-Zor. On the night of September 30, a total of 800 men and 50 tanks of the Syria’s elite Tiger force arrived to Palmyra.

Mere days after the launch of an ISIS offensive, the Kurds began seizing oil fields along the east bank of the Euphrates river. It was reported that they occupied the Jafra oil field, heading to the largest oil field in Syria – al Omar.

In the meantime, in the south of the Syrian Arab Republic, ISIS continues attacking Syrian positions in a series of hit and run engagements.

For instance a small contingent of 100 militants captured the town of al-Qaryatain west of Palmyra three times over the period of just two days. During their first assault they would capture a total of 20 pro-government Syrians and execute them hours later. This is a war crime, because it is against the Geneva protocols.

Military experts argue that the Kurds will reach the Khabur River and stop there to take a better look at what the Syrian military will be able to achieve on the west bank of the Euphrates.

Apparently, they are waiting for when the government forces to head for Mayadin. After all, Washington has made it clear to the Kurds that it doesn’t simply want them to occupy oil fields, but also prevent Damascus from establishing control of the Syrian-Iraqi border and block the route along which Iran could send troops and equipment to Syria.

This is by far the most important goal in Syria today from Washington’s point of view. To avoid a protracted war, it would be highly advisable for Russia and Iran to make one last push to finish ISIS and its proxies by temporarily sending several thousand soldiers and their equipment to Syria and also to quadruple the bombing from the air (unrelentingly) in the next few months.

Victory is around the corner but Syria will need this final push to effectively finish the job once and for all. “Facts Don’t Lie – US Definitely Helping ISIS Against Russia in Syria” As if there has Ever, Ever, Ever, been any doubt about the foul and evil empires duplicitous and murderous involvement in Syria.

Their signatures and mug shots have been imprinted in Syria since the get-go. ISIS is but the illegitimate spawn of their loins as they stumble and fall in their delusional quest for world domination leaving a trail of destruction in their wake! / AA-Magnum Analyst Blog News Site 2017.


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