After US forces started their hostile military campaign against Libya in 2010, the North African country has been invaded and occupied by Italian, British and French NATO troops to control the oil business.

The US mission was to kill the Libyan leader, Colonel Ghadaffi and replace his government with fascist puppet politicians in order to seize the super sweet crude oil reserves of the African assaulted Arab nation. 

Under Ghadaffi, the oil-rich country was developed into the most modern Arab society in Africa. The government in Tripoli offered its citizens free education, internet and cheap gasoline among other social amenities.

Ghadaffi also wanted to help establish Africa’s own Central Banking system and an African Development Bank, together with South African leader and freedom fighter, Nelson Mandela, the but the Western supported Arab Spring changed those noble plans and organized the military intervention.

After NATO warplanes bombed Libya’s highly developed infrastructure back into the stone age in 2010, the country has remained under attack by the Western Zionist warlords. Many of Ghadaffi’s followers are still trying to get their country back, which resulted in two different government, one in Tripoli and the other one in Tobruk near the border with Egypt.

Now, the US military, in coordination with their Libyan puppet government, has launched air strikes inside the North African nation against multiple targets on an opposition stronghold desert camp 150 miles southeast of Sirte, for the first time under the administration of President Donald Trump.

With aid from the United States and other NATO members, Libyan terrorist forces were able to capture Sirte, which was once the birth place of the assassinated former leader of the wealthy Arab nation. Before the invasion, NATO dropped more bombs on Libya than the allied forces did on Nazi Germany during WW II.

After the attacks the Western banks and business confiscated all the Ghadaffi family’s wealth, which was estimated at $150 billion. The new US mission is based to locate and to kill the last Ghadaffi family member in order to get away with the organized war crimes against humanity. At the point in Hillary Clinton was responsible for US military operations in Libya.

At the moment the Italians have deployed over 5.000 troops inside Libya, while the British and French NATO forces supported the invasive occupation with 1.000 soldiers each. However the Libyan freedom fighters are still engaging against these hostile occupation forces, which are getting stronger and better organized every day.

As usual, the Western propaganda media calls these remaining pro-Ghadaffi forces, terrorists in order for NATO to continue its air strikes on their defensive positions. Egypt and Russia are helping the Libyans to recapture its sovereign properties, including the Western occupied oil fields in the country.

UPI / AA-Magnum Analyst-Blog News 2017.


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