The new US sanctions against a number of Russian companies are aimed to move Russia from defense industry market, but the boycott is expected to have little impact on the companies, because Moscow has almost no business with American market.

This week the US State Department had imposed sanctions against eight Russian companies in connection with Iran, North Korea and the so-called Syria non proliferation act (INKSNA).

It’s all about US-Russian relations, in a desperate attempt to move Russia from this defense industry market, but it is highly unlikely that these sanctions would damage the Russian companies against which they have been imposed.

The companies sanctioned are Rosobornexport (1), Gargarin Airforce Academy (2), Urals Civil Aviation Training Center (3), Bazalt Scientific & Research Corporation (4), Ulyanovsk Higher Civil Aviation School (5), the 150th aircraft repair plant (6), Aviaexport (7) and the Scientific and Production Corporation Engineering Design Bureau (8).

Sputnik / AA Magnum News 2017.


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