One can not solutions that are part of the problem in the Middle East and Northern Africa. The cravings for Western oil companies to annex Arab and African oil fields to compensate the balance in their budgets creates war and chaos.

The humanitarian impact, caused by the greedy oil giants that have cooked their books for their stocks to be (well) sold on Wall Street is outrageous. The Arab Springs was meant to disguise the upcoming inferno, but the propaganda media failed to do their job and cover the hostile tracks.

In 2010, the whole apocalypse started, when Colonel Ghadaffi was assassinated by Clinton gang members, that eventually also caused the death of US ambassador to Libya. The Libyan leader wanted to create and African Development Bank together with Nelson Mandela.

Ghadaffi also gave reward money for his fellow countrymen to get married, and was the first Muslim nation that allowed women to study in Universities, while internet and other forms of communication were state subsidized and free of use to the Libyan people.

However for the West, the most lucrative asset after the killing of Ghadaffi and hostile annexation of Libya, was the income provided by the Super Sweet Crude Oil reserves. After the NATO bombardments and the destruction of the Libyan infrastructure, Zionist puppets confiscated and stole $150 billion of the Ghadaffi family assets.

At the moment British, French and Italian NATO troops invaded Libya and occupy strategic landmarks and oil refineries along the coast, internationally guarded by a puppet government that has no jurisdiction whatsoever.

US Troops in Syria will do the same damage to the environment, sabotaging the communities in exchange for annexing land (profitable real-estate like Golan Heights), Euphrates & Jordan River water flow (agriculture) and oil refineries and reserves for Israel to build its future on.

The Washington government (CIA) was not interested in participating in the Geneva peace talks, but do want to send NATO troops into Syria, now that peace plans are on the table? Pretty contradicting, but in fact clarifies the covert intentions and/or secret agenda for the brainwashed Westerners to finally understand.

The Americans must stop to act as puppet warlords for the Zionist regime and help to create the Greater Israel, which biblically points out to Mesopotamia or the Land of the Euphrates and Tigris running into the Persian Gulf.

All the Zionist-run wars in Africa and the Middle East are intended to capitalize on other people’s territories in order to cash in on the water- and oil supplies! The only way to combat terrorism is to stop funding it.

The formula is simple, invade (dubbed diplomatic mission), annex (intervention for liberation) and occupy (democtratic freedom) to benefit from the global minerals, that other countries posses. Use the media to censor, cover and/or contradict any speculation otherwise.

The topic on the covert agenda is named, “Global Economic Security”. In other words, globalization. However the internet has given the people on our planet, real freedom, which is bound to get restricted soon. So educate yourself before it might be too late.

AFP / AA Magnum News 2017.


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