The US-led coalition has reportedly dropped “Internationally-Banned White Phosphorous Bombs” in Syria’s troubled eastern province of Dayr al-Zawr, leaving a number of civilians dead and injured. The aerial assaults also badly damaged residential buildings in the area.

The development came only a day after at least nine civilians lost their lives in US-led air strikes against the town of Markadah, located nearly 100 kilometers south of the northeastern city of Hasakah. Earlier, the so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that more than 2,800 civilians had been killed in US-led air strikes across Syria over the past three years.

The London-based monitoring group reported that 427 people, including 137 children and 113 women, were killed in the aerial attacks between May 23 and June 23 this year. The US-led air raids also resulted in the injury of hundreds of civilians, some of whom suffered permanent disabilities and had to have their limbs amputated.

The aerial raids caused massive destruction of residential buildings and civilian infrastructure as well. The US-led coalition has been conducting air strikes against residential targets inside Syria since September 2014 without no authorization from the Damascus government or UN Security Council?

As President Donald John Trump leads the USA Government who committed this flagrant International Banned War Crime, it’s just for Donald J. Trump to be charged with War Crimes stemming from the deliberate use of Internationally Banned White Phosphorus Bombs on Syrian Civilians.

Israel has also been dropping “White Phosphorous on a Civilian Population of Palestinians” in The Gaza Strip, if it gets on you, it Burns and doesn’t stop till it gets all the way to the BONE. Only the Worst War Criminals in the World, like Israel and The U.S.A. would use something like White Phosphorous!

The Zionist US-backed“Corporate Global Media” also need to be held accountable, because they are just not reporting on these atrocities, keeping the (unaware) masses perpetually ignorant, which is a crime in itself.

However, these thugs have no conscience whatsoever as long the shekels fall on their laps, they will even sell their mothers for money! 

USA-Today / AA-Magnum News 2017.


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