The U.S.-led coalition conducted air and artillery strikes against in Syrian forces on Wednesday, killing over 100 Syrian soldiers.

CNN dubbed the U.S.-led strike “defensive” even though U.S. forces have no legal authority to be in Syria in the first place, something the New York Times was forced to admit a few weeks ago.

There are several U.S. Marines battalions embedded with SDF forces in Syria, and Syria has deemed these U.S. troops to be an invading force.

Technically, the act of violating Syria’s sovereignty and killing over 100 of its troops in a flagrant act of war makes the USA the aggressor — not the defender — in this scenario.

According to the Marine Corps Times, the coalition service members were acting in an “advise, assist and accompany capacity” when the attack occurred, eight kilometers east of the current Euphrates River deconfliction line. However, U.S. troops in Syria have been doing a lot more than advising and assisting on the ground.

Army Sgt. Major. John Wayne Troxell, one particular Marine battalion “fired more rounds in five months in Raqqa, Syria, than any other Marine artillery battalion, or any Marine or Army battalion, since the Vietnam war.”

In five months the US military fired 35,000 artillery rounds on so-called ISIS targets, killing ISIS fighters by the dozens,” Troxell told Marine Corps Times in January. Noting that in comparison, only 34,000 artillery rounds had been fired during the total Invasion of Iraq.

So, in short, a couple of thousand bombs killed a only handful ISIS terrorists in Syria? It is indisputably and particularly hypocritical that there is no international outrage over this act of aggression when one compares the media hysteria over a country like North Korea, which is currently bombing no one.

The coalition suspected the Syrian forces attacked because they have their sights set on seizing the lucrative oil fields in the area, which the SDF had previously taken over from ISIS.

Despite the fact that this territory belongs to Syria, the U.S. is providing air cover for the SDF to take hold of this oil-rich region.

The SDF doesn’t have an air force of its own, but if it can start generating substantial revenue from these oil fields, then it may be able to start buying more and more military equipment from the USA.

The U.S. military will stay in Syria until the hostile solution sees the Assad government unseatedThe recent incident once again shows that the United States’ illegal military presence in Syria’ is actually aimed at taking control of the country’s economic assets and not at fighting against the ISIS international terror group.

Russia responded to the attack almost immediately, condemning the U.S. military presence in Syria as “illegal” and accusing the U.S. of trying to steal Syrian oil and water resources for Israeli geopolitical purposes.

Iran, Turkey, and Russia have all managed to find some common ground without resorting to a confrontation with one another over Syria. But this is not in the interest of the Zionist forces, so the 7-year War on Terror continues.

Russia accused the U.S. of attempting to partition Syria, an accusation that appears to be grounded in reality. 

CNN has acknowledged that the U.S. did not strike pro-regime forces that crossed back to their assigned territory of the Euphrates River even though all of the territory technically belongs to the Syrian government under international law.

The BBC reported that Israeli warplanes had attacked a military complex in Damascus. A Syrian military statement reportedly said its air defense systems had blocked most of the missiles, but it is not clear if there were any significant casualties.

Were these recent attacks by Israel and the USA a one-time incident in response to the threats allegedly posed by pro-Assad forces, including Hezbollah? Or are both these countries building up to something more confrontational?

As it stands, it should be noted that in the meantime, it is not Syria that is attacking any other state or launching a war against any other country.

With the assistance of the corrupted fake media, the USA and Israel continue to bomb Syrian territory in direct contravention of international law, now killing and wounding significant numbers of the Syrian government’s armed forces without any significant journalistic or international opposition.

One can only hope that someone heeds the advice of the International Crisis Group (ICG) and attempts to de-escalate this conflict before it transforms itself into a regional powder keg involving at least three or more nuclear powers.

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