Russia has accused the USA of having to many spies operating within its diplomatic offices, ignoring to cooperate on diplomatic issues. There are too many employees of the CIA and the Pentagon espionage unit working as covert diplomats in Moscow.

Russia is now considering to expel a number of these undercover agents, whose activities do not correspond with their ‘faked’ status. The number of personnel @ the US Embassy in Moscow extremely exceeds the number of Russian diplomats working in Washington.

The warning is partially a response in retaliation to the USA for expelling 35 Russian diplomats last year. The Obama Administration even illegally seized two Russian diplomatic compounds. Russia has been increasingly frustrated with the US refusal to give back the compounds, and allow Russia to replace the expelled diplomats. If the issue is not resolved accordingly, Moscow will be forced to take reciprocal measures.

The Russians criticize the cynical and deceptive approach the US was taking towards international diplomacy and dialogue. Even hinting at possible steps to favor diplomatic cooperation is currently seen in the US as political suicide.

Mint-Press / AA-Magnum-News 2017. 


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