The opioid epidemic in the USA has been declared a national emergency and group of medical investigators will be sent to opioid-stricken states to review the abusive condition of the use of narcotics in these states.

A three-year investigation was conducted by the US Justice Department to root out the saga, It is widely believed that the “role of doctors and health care providers”, including drug companies, is significantly fundamental and should now be expertly studied.

The condition in some states like Ohio was so intense that the rate of overdose deaths skyrocketed more than 60% last year! The prosecutors are deployed to the states because while treatment is important, treatment on its own is not enough.

The USA can not capitulate intellectually or morally unto this kind of rampant drug abuse. The US government must create a culture that’s hostile to drugs abuse. Attorney General, Jeff Sessions remarks come a day after the presidential commission called for announcement of national emergency by president Trump.

While heroin is still considered the principal cause of deaths, the use of fentanyl has propagated so much so that the drug companies are mainly considered the first cause of the humanitarian health crisis. This clarifies that the current emergency condition has been resulted from structured felony that must be rooted in the power bases in the country.

Alabama, California, Florida, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Ohio, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and West Virgina are the states that the plan will be implemented in. According to the CDC, more than 52.000 Americans died of overdose only in 2015.

The Columbus dispatch to the “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention” (CDC), reported that more than 4.000 of the death was recorded in Ohio alone, with 8 victims a day in 2016!

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