The USA and some other countries are now attempting to blame the responsibility for North Korea’s missile tests on Russia and China? Moscow and Beijing claim the accusations as baseless, saying Washington does not want to work on a possible solution!

China has repeatedly said it is not Beijing’s responsibility the resolve the issue with Pyongyang, and urged Washington to take steps to calm tensions and address each others concerns.

The Russian statement added that Moscow is very much concerned about the recent developments in the Korean Peninsula, especially the recent missile test which directly violates UNSC resolutions.

However it is Russia and China who have jointly worked out a road map that would exclude “the use of force” and solve issues on the Korean Peninsula, including the nuclear one, through diplomatic means, by establishing dialogue without any preliminary conditions.

In fact, the chaos and tension has been created by constant US provocations over the years. China proposed a six party talk and an assurance with UN guarantee, that DPRK will not be attacked if it discontinue its nuclear weapon development. The USA refused t consider either. 

DPRK has a legitimate reason to fear US aggression, after witnessing what happened to Iraq, Syria and Libya, after they all dropped their nuclear and chemical weapon programs. All three sovereign nations were attacked and reduced to failed states.

The USA has created the mess and now expects others to clean up and resolve the situations? There would be no problem if the US military left the Korean peninsula, withdrew its occupation forces in South Korea & Japan and stopped threatening North Korea every chance it gets.

Russia and China remained the only sane ones, the other have lost the plot. China and Russia should veto all talks on NK and end ridiculous dialogue, for which the outcome has already been determined!

Press TV / AA-Magnum Analyst-Blog-Site News 2017.


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