Officially, the USA is no longer participating in the destruction of Syria and Yemen, but the US Defense Department continues to transport weapons to the terrorists operating in the battlefields of the Middle East.

US company has specifically chosen the port of  Livorno in Tuscany as a stopover to transport military equipment to harbors in Jordan and Saudi Arabia. The military shipments are carried out every month by three private ships from “Liberty Global Logistics”.

Each of these three ships has the capacity to transport about 100 military vehicles for combat and support, These include tankers, vehicles to transport troops, helicopters and equipment for military units. And so it becomes clear why the US company has chosen Port Livorno to make the connection with Aqaba and Gedda.

Port Livorno is linked to Camp Darby, the US Army’s logistical base, situated @ the border of Livorno. Camp Darby supplies US Air- and Land forces in the Mediterranean zone, Southern zone, the African zone among others. Its 125 bunkers store all the equipment for armored battalions and mechanized infantry.

Camp Darby also stores huge quantities of bombs and missiles for US war planes. The military hardware can be shipped via port Livorno and via Pisa’s military airport. From here the NATO war crimes in Libya, Yugoslavia and Iraq were supported to create the total devastations of infrastructure and urban settlements.

Now US, French and British officers have been commanding covert assassins belonging to the “Free Syria Army” for terrorist attacks in Syria, Yemen and Iraq.

Various reports indicate that an increasing number of US troops fitted out with armored vehicles that are moving to the Jordan-Syrian border, to take possession of southern Syria, where US and British special forces are already operating to support Al Qaeda, ISIS and Israel in their attempt to oust Assad.

Trump wants to establish so-called “safe zones’ in Syria. The term ‘safe zones’ is used to simply invade and occupy large parts of Syria, given that following Russian intervention, it is no longer possible to control and annex the entire Syrian territory.

US arms are used for this ‘secret wars’ and other military operations, which include the “Saudi-led War”, which causes holocaust style massacres in Yemen. The ethnic cleansing programs are an extension of the human engineering agenda, that must clear the world of all Jewish enemies.

Pope Francis denounced the trafficking, which allows money to be made by the war industry, from war monger man and women shedding blood, and killing millions of Muslims and Christians in those designated areas.

Voltairenet,org / AA Magnum News 2017.


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