The US military is planning to expand the city boundaries of the Green-Zone in the Afghan capital of Kabul in an effort to bring nearly all Western embassies, NATO & American headquarters within the ‘protected’ area.

This way the American embassy staff will no longer need to take a helicopter ride to cross the street to a military base outside the present Green Zone security district. After 16 years of the US-led military presence in the Afghan capital, it added, the expansion project serves as a “stark acknowledgment that even the city’s central districts have become too difficult to defend” against persisting terror bombings by Taliban insurgents.

In the final stage, a larger Blue Zone will be created, covering most of the city center, where severe restrictions on movement — particularly by trucks — will be imposed. Eventually, all trucks seeking to enter Kabul will be routed through a single portal, where they will be X-rayed and searched.

The U.S.A. has to protect its Heroin Business in Afghanistan, so The CIA can keep selling it to Kids in the U.S.A., that are Overdosing and Dying in Record Numbers. At the same time Trump wants its generals to find a way to confiscate and/or rewrite the Chinese Mineral Contracts inside Afghanistan.

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