Now that Tehran has been acting as one of the guarantors of the ceasefire regime in the Syrian Arab Republic, but also as a broker in peace talks, the USA wants Iran to move out of Syria.

However, Iran’s military presence in Syria was based on invitation of the Syrian government, while the US-coalition forces have invaded Syria without permission from Damascus.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, also voiced concern over the recent incidents in Syria, involving Israel, apparently referring to the events of February 10 when the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) reported that one of their Apache attack helicopters downed an Iranian unmanned aerial vehicle over the Israeli occupied Golan Heights.

Responding to the incident, an Israeli aircraft crossed into the territory of Syria to attack the command post that was used to control the drone.

In response, Syria’s air defense systems struck back and downed an F-16 fighter jet, prompting the Israeli military to launch another wave of attacks to strike “additional Iranian targets” in Syria.

Despite Israeli and US officials’ statements, voicing concern over alleged Iranian presence on Syria, Tehran has repeatedly strongly refuted claims of its troops’ presence in Syria, but admitted sending military advisors to help the Syrian government fight terrorists.

The US-led coalition that has been conducting anti-ISIS operations in Syria without either the government’s approval or a UN mandate, with Damascus calling its presence in the country a violation of international law.

ABC / AA Magnum Analyst Blog News 2018.


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