The nuclear-powered Ohio-class submarines were built to destroy cities and military installations in the event of a nuclear war. The USS Florida however launched 93 Tomahawk cruise missiles @ Libyan air defenses in 2011.

In support of “Operation Odyssey Dawn” the fired missiles helped clear the way for the NATO warplanes to completely destroy Libya’s civil and military infrastructure, dumping more bombs on Ghadaffi’s sovereign nation, than the allied forces dropped all together on Nazi-Germany during the entire WW II.

After the UNSC implied a no-fly zone over Libya, the hostile NATO operations started with SSGN-class submarines because they could get closer to the enemy’s coastline without being detected, enabling them to hit targets further inland and deliver massive missile strikes, while exposing themselves far less than a NATO surface ship.

The Ohio-class SSGN’s could be used to kick in the door by suppressing anti-aircraft and anti-shipping missiles in a frist strike, paving the way for aircraft and surface ships to exploit the gab in an adversary’s defenses, a role the USS Florida played during the Libyan intervention.

Since than, 5000 Italian NATO troops have invaded Libya, with the help of thousands of French and British special forces that still operate in Libya today, in an attempt to isolate and annex all the oil reserves and refineries belonging to the people of the North African nation.

It will take four Virginia-class submarines to equal the firepower of a single Ohio-class warship. The Ohio SSGN’s will remain the most heavily armed cruise missile submarines in the world.

National Interest / AA Magnum News 2017.


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