The fight about Venezuela’s resources is continuing, after president Maduro announced the decision to withdraw from a brief OAS session in Washington, at which representatives voted to convene a special meeting of the members foreign ministers to evaluate Venezuela’s political crisis.

Caracas won’t recognize any meeting or any decision by the OAS that violates international law. The withdrawal announcement drew quick rebuke from Venezuelan opposition leaders, supported the US oil giants.

It has become quite obvious to recognize the style of US Foreign policies all over the world where lucrative resources, like oil and gold should be up for grabs. Former rich and well-developed OPEC oil nations have been bombed to pieces and invaded by covert US military forces in Libya, Iraq, Syria and Nigeria over the last decade.

The humanitarian disasters around the world provide the footprint for these type of fascist style politics nowadays. US foreign politics are ruthless and most of all, very deceptive. The western press calls these forms of communication “active diplomacy”.

Washington Post / AA Magnum News 2017.


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