In order to combat Venezuela’s economic crisis , the government in Caracas has appointed Tareck El Aissami to be the next vice-president for the oil-rich Bolivarian Republic.

Washington has mostly treated Venezuela with economic sanctions, like restricting its government officials from doing business outside the country, while the IMF targeted the Bolivar currency that caused Venezuela to plunge into an economic crisis.

After money became scarce the people were supported by subsidized foods in order for them, to survive the economic warfare launched by hostile imperialist fascists, directed to plunge Venezuela into chaos and take over the government in Caracas.

Opposition politicians and the mainstream media trashed Maduro for wrongdoing to blame him for the humanitarian disaster. Colombian gangs raided the supermarkets, selling the confiscated subsidized foods over the border in Colombia with huge profits at the cost of the Venezuelan people.

The new vice-President of Venezuela, Tareck El Aissami has good intelligence skills. He was educated to back-channel links for Caracas, dealing with counter-intelligence affaires in order to destabilize infiltrated networks used by drugs mafiosi and militant entities.

The employment of Tareck El Aissami makes things far more complicated for the country’s political opposition and exponentially more upsetting for Washington to deal with. The “Comando Antigolpe” will be established by police and special government forces to combat Zionist gangsters.

Embattled Venezuela can still can still count on international lifelines from BRICS members, such as China and Russia. But also Cuba is known to be a trusted ally in Venezuela’s campaign to battle capitalist oil interests.

World Politics Review / AA Magnum News 2017.


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