The Venezuelan electoral authorities confirmed more than 8 million people casted their vote in favor to create a Constitutional Assembly in order to protect the South American country’s mineral riches against hostile invading foreign entities.

President Maduro received congratulations from the OAS governments, like Cuba, Nicaragua and Bolivia. 

However the USA suggest that a large number votes could not have been voluntary, pointing at the 2 million government employees that could have mobilized to cast their vote. Opposition leaders called for a boycott of the vote, but as 42% of the Bolivarian people went to cast their opinion anyways, that trash campaign style politics did not work out as pleased.

The Trump administration promised strong sanctions against Venezuelan officials. The USA did not say whether it would sanction Venezuelan oil imports, in order to continue to destabilize Maduro’s government and deepen the country’s humanitarian crisis. US puppet regimes, like Canada, Britain, Colombia and Spain said they would not recognize Sunday’s ballot.

During the elections another politician was shot dead at his home in order to warn president Maduro that he has landed in troubled waters. The 39-year old Venezuelan candidate, Jose Felix Pineda lost his life, because he would have been on the team that has been appointed to rewrite the constitution, in order to protect Venezuela’s assets against fascist imperialists preying on the country’s vast oil reserves.

Maduro says he wants the assembly to strip evil-minded capitalist lawmakers and governors of constitutional immunity from (avoiding) prosecution. The winners among the candidates running for the 545 seats in the constituent assembly will have the task of rewriting the country’s constitution, which will have powers above other state institutions, including the opposition controlled congress.

The best way to compare the state-style improved legislation of the republic is recent populist victory in France, with Macron enabling low-ranking (feminist) party members to protect certain political and economic interests. 

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