The violent opposition and other right-wing extremists, supported by corrupted politicians and various forms of aid from Washington, have again attacked the government of president Maduro.

Last Sunday, one of its lawmakers was gunned down and killed at his house in Venezuela. He was supposed to help rewrite the new constitution, but was murdered for his role in the democracy.

This weekend terrorist attacks continued against the Maduro government in an attempt to annex the country’s massive oil reserves, in order to turn them over to the American oil giants.

Early Sunday morning, a paramilitary expedition, entered the Paramacay base near Valencia and called on military units to support the rebellion against the elected government residing in Caracas. Two assailants were shot dead, and 10 more terrorists were captured by the security forces.

Caracas organized a nationwide referendum to find support for Maduro to rewrite the constitution, which is necessary to restore peace and order after months of political unrest in Venezuela.

The Venezuelan economy has been destabilized by foreign agents, including the IMF and Washington, which forced economic sanctions on the government of Caracas in order to get an hold on the world’s largest oil deposits.

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