Venezuela has never had military or interventionist intentions in its history, unlike the Imperialist powers that use a world map to plan the use of force in their meetings against nations possessing vital strategic resources.

The recent US horror shows in Libya, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Somalia and Afghanistan provide prove to this conclusion. Afghanistan has trillions of dollars of mineral deposits, while Somalia has proven to be strategically vital for the ‘security’ of the commercial capitalist shipping routes. The other Arab countries all have large oil- and gas reserves @ their disposal, like Venezuela does.

The Venezuelan government in Caracas has highlighted the necessity of preparing against a possible US military attack on its constitution and its valuable oil resources. Venezuela has the largest proven oil reserves in the world, and that is the only reason for the greedy Zionists to intervene in likewise other sovereign nations politics.

The Bolivarian Government has the obligation to defend the country’s assets and economic interests. The next step into the hostile imperialist approach against Caracas could be a blockade preventing the arrival of food and medicine. 

This could probably help the USA for it to gain some international support for a (military) intervention, under the disguise (pretext) of saving the Venezuelan citizens from starvation. However, Venezuela is not the Gaza Strip as long as China and Russia are in contention for doing business.

Last week Venezuelan opposition fugitives, that had escaped the justice system, had a meeting with the US vice-president, Mike Pence in Miami, Florida. At the meeting table there were people involved in serious terrorist offenses and crimes against the integrity of the nation.

Of course this is right in line with the typical US policies, with aggression and destruction as its main tools for tumbling enemy government all over the world. The CIA creates the political collisions, for the US military to finish the dirty job. Most of the US trained assassins (soldiers) get mental problems after returning home, resulting in some 8.000 of them committing suicide every year!

The US military has already deployed an armed contingent of its warrior soldiers, that actually hide inside a secret jungle camp just over the border with Colombia.  

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