Dominican President Danilo Medina made an announcement that the Venezuelan government and foreign-backed opposition are set to hold a new round of talks in the Dominican Republic next week.

The latest round of meetings, held on January 11, came after the government of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro threatened to ban some opposition parties from elections amid opposition threats to resume the violent street protests.

Unrest has already left 125 people dead, mostly from both the government’s side and a couple from the opposition camps in Venezuela. Violence erupted in Venezuela last year amid persistent political bickering and an acute economic downturn caused by the IMF.

Jorge Rodriguez, the main Venezuelan government delegate, said there was consensus on the “majority of the points,” adding that, “We remain at the negotiating table… we have some points that I am sure will be resolved.

The leader of the pro-government United Socialist Party of Venezuela, Jorge Rodriguez (L), and President of the Venezuelan Constituent Assembly Delcy Rodriguez (R) wave before attending a meeting between Venezuelan government representatives and opposition, at the Dominican Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Santo Domingo, on January 11, 2018. (Photo by AFP)


Meanwhile, Venezuela’s Constituent Assembly, loyal to Maduro, has ordered the three main opposition parties to re-register with the National Electoral Council (CNE) in order to participate in the presidential election next year.

This demand comes after the opposition parties boycotted mayoral polls last month, claiming that they lacked transparency. On the other hand, the government wants the opposition recognize the Constituent Assembly. / AA Magnum Analyst News 2018.


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