A Venezuelan national has died less than a week after she sustained injuries to her head during pro-government demonstrations in the capital of Caracas.

The mounting violence against the government of the elected president Maduro, raised the fatality toll from the recent unrest in Venezuela to 21. Almelina Carrillo, 47 had reportedly been hit in the head by a bottle thrown from a building during a pro-government rally on April 19, 2017.

The demonstrations followed weeks after violent anti-government rallies leading to the recent tragic results. The opposition blames President Maduro for the recent violence in the oil-rich country.

However, Venezuela has the world’ best social welfare system, which is unfortunately sabotaged by fascist Washington politicians that fuel the uprise with the help of the IMF monetary sanctions and the luting of the state subsidized supermarkets by 6 million trading refugee Colombians that fled the neighboring cocaine vassal state of Colombia.

Venezuela spends more than 70% of the national budget on social programs, such as such as health & education. One liter of fuel costs only $0.o1 cent! Unemployment rates are close to nothing compared with Western nations.

In Venezuela there seems to be a shortage of everything for those that double-cross the government and support evil foreign entities that are looking for ways to annex-and-plunder the massive oil- and gold reserves, and leave the nation ransacked and bankrupted.

PressTV / AA-Magnum-News 2017.


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