Venezuela needs a new constitution to restore peace and stop the hostile opposition from trying to carry out a coup. The new decree for writing a new constitution will include a citizens assembly made up of workers.

If the new constitution process goes forward, opposition leaders will need to focus on getting at least some sympathetic figures included in the citizens assembly. That could distract them from the drumbeat of nearly daily violent protests that they have managed to keep up for four weeks.

The Venezuelan constitution was last rewritten in 1999, early in the 14-year presidency of the late Hugo Chavez, who began Venezuela’s socialist transformation. Early Monday anti-Maduro protesters tried to march on government buildings in downtown Caracas, but police blocked their path.

Maduro accuses his opponents of conspiring to overthrow him and undermine the country’s struggling economy. The IMF has sanctioned Venezuela in order to block the nation from using US dollars to guarantee political stability, while Washington has put all the governments officials on a black list, to prevent them from representing the country in the world.

About 6 million Colombians living as refugees in Venezuela, have participated in a massive raid to plunder all the subsidized food products from the supermarket shelves, estimated @ $2 billion per year. The OAS is now trying to further derail the life quality of its law biting citizens.

China has been supporting the government in Venezuela with a $50 billion loan, to innovate and develop the agricultural- and housing sector. Venezuela has the world’s most generous government, flowing over 70% of its GDP to social projects, such as free housing and a stunning gasoline price of just $0.01 per liter.

The greedy foreign oil giants are attempting to plot a coup against the socialist nation, in order to steal all its wealth away in exchange for operational spare parts to run their oil refineries. The same evil entities have ransacked and destroyed the economies of Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Afghanistan.

AP / AA Magnum News 2017.


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