Washington’s long desired wish to go to war with Russia is now in its final stage, as Moscow repeatedly out manoeuvred Capitol Hill and the Pentagon, but Russia refuses to rise to Washington’s bait.

American “exceptionalism” must subdue any real worldwide threat. Importantly, intentionally generated phantom threats, are given the most attention in the mainstream media space. But Russia refuses to take the bait. Washington’s attempts to lure Moscow into confrontation failed.

From the proxy-backed South Ossetian conflict in 2008, to the forced regime change in Kiev in 2014, and to the defense of Syria’s sovereignty in its fight against western supported terrorists. Russia has stood its ground in all three confrontations. In fact, the west has been the net loser in each of these foreign policy maneuvers, with all three attempts ending in fiasco’s.

The result is that we should expect Washington to rise the stakes, initiating a direct confrontation with Russia via its NATO minions, mostly because the economic sanctions failed to materialize against Moscow’s policies. Even western sanctions attempting to control Russian behavior have had the opposite impact. Now we should expect the west to invent a crisis in one of the Baltic states

Russian businesses are in the process of withdrawing from the west’s toxic financial sectors. When the next bubble bursts, Moscow will avoid much of the damage the U.S. will export to the global financial system. However, humiliating the falling Empire never goes without punishment. Washington and its allies are not used to get no for an answer. To hook and mostly crook the “Washington Consensus” gets its way almost all the time.

Russia has and will defend itself against the NATO alliance moving to its borders. Russia will defend its sovereignty and those of others, and it will continue to demand equal treatment on the world’s energy markets, and will not turn a blind eye anymore to Washington’s addiction forcing illegal regime changes around the world.

The simple fact of the matter is there is no political, social or grassroots opposition ready to initiate a people’s uprise against the hated “Putin regime”.  Widespread dissent against the current political establishment is pure western media fantasy. Putin is widely popular and respected, and Washington and Company has given Putin a significant boost in his poll numbers.

Standing up to the west has seen Putin’s poll numbers soar. Most importantly for the majority of Russians their country has returned to the world stage as a proud power defending its own interest and international law. Putin get the credit.

The Duran.com / AA Magnum News 2016.


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