The geopolitical struggle between the Western Anglo-Saxon networks and Russia/China, as well as other BRICS countries such as India, which are drifting into Moscow’s orbit, is heading towards its final stage.

The USA just floated its 2018 budget, and it has become clear that without continued massive military spending, the U.S. GDP would collapse, taking the country’s financial and monetary systems with it.

The so-called Land of Opportunity, who’s real economy has been hollowed out for profit by the elite, has become significantly reliant upon deliberately contrived wars and military tensions for its economical survival.

The absolute last thing the Deep State, and particularly its Banking Division, can allow the people to figure out at this time, is that there is far more safe, secure and potentially profitable way for them to position their financial assets than dollar-denominated bank deposits.

A wide-spread movement into precious metals at this time would damage the Bank State and its umbrella organization, the Deep State, because their future profits require the control and progressive expropriation of the “people’s” money.

Strategic Deep State precious metals price fraud, which is perpetrated by internationally signaled, time-coordinated and algorithmic inside trading, ensures that the metals prices can reliably be controlled. At least for now. When physical demand finally increases in a material way, the price-fixing fraud will collapse.

Washington needs to prevent Russia from continuing to buy gold in quantity, and it is therefore intensifying its efforts to damage the country’s reputation, economy and currency. Once cash is eliminated, the banks have no longer have to worry about banks runs.

Russia / AA Magnum News 2017.


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