The world’s only real dictatorship residing in Washington has ordered the 34-member “Organization of American States” to oust Venezuela from the commercial network.

OAS Secretary General, Luis Almagro from Uruguay is pushing for the group to suspend Venezuela if Maduro doesn’t allow the hostile opposition hold elections before him term ends in 2019. But the OAS Permanent Council did not appear to be ready for such a severe rebuke yet.

The political uprise came after 14 countries of the OAS, including the USA, urged Venezuela’s socialist government to release violent political prisoners and allow to hold new elections before December 2018. Eleven Latin countries voted against the fascist incentive. Two other countries abstained and one was absent during the special OAS meeting.

Venezuela protested that the organization was interfering in the country’s internal affairs, in a flagrant violation of its principles. Venezuela has the world’s largest oil reserves, but was forced to plunge into recession by discriminatory IMF measures.

Venezuelan president Maduro views the OAS as a pawn of hostile U.S. policy and has often dismissed Almagro as Zionist puppet working for its ideological adversaries in Washington. For Venezuela to be suspended from the OAS, 2/3 vote from the 34-nation OAS General Assembly would be needed.

The OAS has previously suspended Cuba from 1962-2009. Havana has not returned given its view, like Venezuela, that the body is servile to Washington.

In Caracas, Maduro threatened to ditch to OAS, saying it was time for a debate on whether Venezuela should remain a member given its unethical aggression, to tackle the crisis.

Reuters/AFP 2017.


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