The meddling of the USA in Venezuela has become “open and shameless” proving and confirming that “oil lobby politicians” in Washington are seeking to topple the government of president Nicolas Maduro.

Since 2009 the U.S. has devoted $49 million to support the violent opposition to bring down the Venezuelan government residing in Caracas. The oil giant puppets in Washington also used the IMF to restrict the trade in US dollars, resulting in exchange scarcity leading to inflation to destroy the economy.

The 6 million Colombian refugees hiding in Venezuela plundered the state subsidized foods out of the supermarkets to create shortness in food and medicine. The Americans also used Colombian politicians to destroy the Venezuelan socialist reputation.

In a last attempt to blackmail and control Venezuela, Washington has used the OAS to condemn the government in Caracas of wrongdoing.

The fake news in the media did the rest of the damage. However, Maduro has seemed to survive the hostile American ‘diplomacy’ and figured a way to support the embattled country and to sustain in power.

Since the failed coupe attempt in 2002, the US has been trying to undermine the Venezuelan government, and ever since they have been trying to bring down the Latin American country, which has the largest oil- and gold reserves in the world.

China and Russia have kept the Venezuelans afloat so far, but the nearby future will decide about the final outcome.

PressTV / AA Magnum News 2017.


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