The U.S. government unveiled a new approach towards Pyongyang after 20 years of failed diplomacy. The U.S. Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson noted that South Korea needs to find a way to live in peace with North Korea.

During a press conference, while visiting Japan, Rex Tillerson said that the efforts to denuclearize North Korea over past two decades have failed to produce the desired results.

Japan and the also USA noted that the role of China is an important factor, because Beijing represents a major source of economic trade with North Korea, hoping that China can fulfill its ‘obligations’ to fully implement the UN sanctions called for by the West.

Tillerson projected that the alliance with Japan must be ‘a cornerstone for peace and stability’ for the Asia-Pacific region in the future. Tokyo, Washington and Seoul also need to solve North Korea’s nuclear issue towards Russia in this matter. Recently North Korea launched ballistic missiles into the Sea of Japan.

In response and despite protests of South Korea, the U.S. Thaad missile system’s first two launchers have been already delivered to the military base near Pyeontaek some 70 km from Seoul. The system is expected go operational in one or two months.

Japan has some serious issues with both China (Diaoyu Islands) and Russia (Kuril Islands) over disputed islands in the region. However, Moscow is determined to maintain positive dynamics in the diplomatic relations with Tokyo. 

The case regarding the relations with China and Japan is a little bit more complicated, because of the recent history between both countries. The Japanese had invaded and occupied large parts of China since 1896.

TASS / AA Magnum News 2017.


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