According to the Wall Street Journal, the Washington regime wants Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE and Egypt to replace the US troop deployments that annexed 25% of Syria.

The USA currently has two major points of invasive military presence on the ground in Syria: one on the border with Jordan in the south and one in northeastern Syria in order to control 80% of the Syrian oil fields. 

Trump’s new national security adviser, John Bolton called Abbas Kamel, Egypt’s acting intelligence chief, to see if the Arab nation with the largest standing army was willing to contribute to the planned changing of guard.

However, for now Egypt’s troops are busy fighting against ISIS in the Sinai Peninsula in the east and securing the lengthy desert border with Libya in the west. Both regions became major security threats after the events of the Arab Spring, during which Libya was reduced by NATO to a patchwork of battling terrorist groups.

President Donald Trump announced plans to withdraw American troops from Syria, apparently dismayed by the cost of the operation. Washington asked Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates to contribute billions of dollars into the alternative military buildup in northern Syria.

The mission of the new military occupation force would be to work with the local Kurdish and Arab forces the USA has been supporting to occupy Syria and block Iranian-backed fighters from moving into former ISIS held territory. 

However, the Arab expeditionary force would still require air support, logistical supply and possibly at least some presence of US, British and French troops among their ranks.

The plan is apparently meant as an easy way out for America, which found itself in a perilous situation in Syria, having troops there with no legal ground and balancing amid countering goals and interests. For instance, Washington’s NATO partner Turkey sees America’s Syrian Kurdish allies as terrorists and a legitimate target for military action.

So, the willingness of the Kurds to accept foreign Arab troops is far from certain. With some Syrian Kurds already feeling betrayed by the USA over Washington’s failure to protect them from Turkey, getting a foreign Arab force deployed near their lands may be too much to swallow. / AA Magnum Military Analyst News 2018.


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