Russia, among other countries, have strongly opposed the hostile sanctions imposed by the USA and the EU on Syria. These evil counter measures are to punish the ordinary Syrian people for voting and supporting Assad.

The Western sanctions are aimed to prevent the delivery of aid to a country facing the worst humanitarian crisis in the world today. The sanctions and the war have severely destabilized the Syrian economy, transforming the once prosperous Arab country into an aid-dependent nation.

The US & EU sanctions block access to aid and particularly medicines. A report from the UN Economic & Social Commission describes these sanctions as some of the worst and most far-reaching ever opposed against a sovereign nation.

The Western measures are clearly imposed to destroy the country, in order for Western banks to take over the economy and forces Assad to capitulate to Israel and its evil puppet supporting regimes. 

Sanctions on Syrian banks are imposed to make it impossible for aid groups to pay local staff and suppliers. Also Pharmaceutical companies that haven’t been destroyed by US coalition air strikes are now forced to shut down because of the sanctions related restrictions on raw materials and foreign currency.

After systematically bombing schools, public transportation and hospitals the hostile US coalition now banned medical equipment to be sold to Syria. This evil form of human engineering has plunged 80% of Syrians into poverty.

Earlier the British media criticized the UN for cooperating with the Syrian government in the distribution of humanitarian aid. The EU imposed a new set of sanctions on Syria showing to disregard aspirations for a better Syrian future, which contradicts the sanction policy.

The West is capable to abuse every resource to force Assad to step down and hand over the broken Syrian nation to Turkey and Israel. The ethnic cleansing can not be stopped as long as Israel controls the world order.

The invasion and annexation have to materialize as soon as possible for the Greater Israel to be established. The War Crimes will continue to be committed by the Western puppets, until Assad hands over the control over Syria to the warmonger poisoning Satanists. / AA Magnum News 2017.


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