The Yemeni Houthi freedom movement and their government allies in the army have reportedly fired another long-range ballistic missile @ the capital of Saudi Arabia.

The event took place just before Trump’s visit to Riyadh, showing a clear and important message that Yemen is ready to respond to the Saudi aggression, that the hostile Zionist coalition is launching on Yemeni citizens, schools, hospitals and food aid convoys.

Back on March 18, 2017 the Yemeni army announced that another Borkan II missile accurately hit King Salman Air Base located in the vicinity of Riyadh, destroying the Central Command Center of the Saudi-coalition.

The geo-political war is waged in order to secure the control over the Saudi oil shipping lanes, that run through the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf to export the crude to the European and Asian markets.

 So far, more than 100 ballistic missiles of various types have been fired at positions held by the Saudi invaders inside and outside Yemen. The Friday launch came just hours before Trump’s arrival in Riyadh for a two-day visit to the Kingdom. After concluding his visit to Saudi Arabia, the US president will fly to Israel.

Yemeni’s are particularly angry at Washington for helping Saudi Arabia to commit war crimes against the Yemeni nation, by providing the regime with lethal conventional and banned weapons.

Since March 2015, Saudi war planes have been heavily bombarding Yemen in an attempt to the ruling government in order to reinstate the resigned president Mansur Hadi. So far the military attacks and invasion has killed 12.000 Yemeni citizens.

Nearly 3.3 million Yemeni’s, including 2.1 million children are currently suffering from acute malnutrition, while more than 7 million people are facing starvation.

In the latest US/UK supported attack on Yemen, the Zionist war criminals used biological weapons to infect thousands of Yemeni citizens with cholera. The ethnic cleaning program has no limits, as long as the covert human engineering agenda is attended to.

Press TV / AA Magnum News 2017.


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